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All the photographs you will find on the Picture in Focus website have been taken by Mark Stewart-Clarke.

Mark has had a varied career; from a start in agricultural college, through haulage work and antique furniture restoration, to running a successful local Yorkshire Dales bus service and car hire company. However, through all the twists and turns over the years he has had a constant love of photography.

This love has developed into a passion (some might even say an obsession!) in the last decade, and now, after much prompting, we have finally got the first selection of his photographic offerings here for your viewing.

Mark's inspiration is wide and multi-layered, but there are three key aspects that feature predominantly: light, shape and form. Although based in the Yorkshire Dales, and gathering much of his photographs in and around these Dales, Mark has travelled widely and the photographs illustrate a wide range of countries and settings.

We hope you enjoy the selection


Mark Stewart-Clarke 07730 643783


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